Our team of caring support professionals is devoted to you and your pet!

Hospital Manager Liz BrooksOur hospital manager Liz Brooks joined our team in June of 2012. Liz has vast veterinary experience ranging from customer service to veterinary nursing to management and has been employed in the veterinary industry for over 10 years. Prior to coming to the Animals' Hospital, Liz was employed by a large corporate veterinary hospital and was able to travel and offer guidance and education to many hospital teams. Liz enjoys all aspects of veterinary management, but especially loves meeting all of the patients and helping train her team to provide stellar care.

When not at the hospital, Liz enjoys spending time with her daughter and learning her new role of Mommy. In addition to her human daughter, Liz has four furkids – her cats Liam, Mora, Dude, and Smokey; and one feathered friend – her sun conure Max.

DLead Veterinary Technician Dawn with Catawn started her career at the Animals' Hospital of Levittown in May 2006. After being a technician for about two years, she moved her way up to lead surgery technician and then finally became the lead veterinary technician. She combines her skills as a veterinary technician and her love of teaching in her position as our team leader. Dawn works hard to make sure that her team consistently meets and exceeds our patient's needs.

When Dawn is not coaching her team, she can usually be found assisting our surgeons. Dawn loves the unique challenges of being a surgery technician and enjoys helping all of our patients achieve the healthiest lives possible! Away from work, she enjoys spending time in the park with her son Liam and two miniature schnauzers, Winston and Rebel, and her adopted lab, Lady Godiva.

Lead Veterinary Receptionist LaurenLauren began her career at the Animals' Hospital of Levittown as a kennel assistant while attending high school in August 2006. About two years later, she moved into the role of receptionist. Upon graduation, she was promoted to lead receptionist. Lauren graduated with an Associate's degree in Business in August 2012. She continues to attend classes to obtain her Bachelor's degree. She is currently pursuing a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CPVM) designation, so she can continue to work in the veterinary industry.

Lauren owns a beautiful Chow Chow named Shea La May that she loves to spend her time with. She enjoys spending time with her friends as well. Her ability to quickly learn new tasks has been remarkable and she has been a fantastic teacher for our newer employees. Lauren's ability to remember all of our clients and their pets makes her a favorite here at the hospital!

Veterinary Technician Chris with CatChris began her career at the Animals' Hospital in July of 2004. In addition to being a senior veterinary technician, Chris is also in charge of making sure that all of the medications, supplements, and tools that we use are stocked on a daily basis. When she is not learning about the newest medications available, Chris enjoys the challenge of being a surgery technician. Working alongside our surgeons, Chris makes sure that every procedure is performed safely and effectively. When she is not working, Chris enjoys spending time with her husband Todd and their English Springer Spaniels — Billy & Johny.  

Veterinary Technician LisaLisa joined the Animals' Hospital staff in February 2007. She started her career in 1988, when on the advice of a friend, she applied to her first animal hospital. She has worked in four different hospitals since then, including Animals' Hospital of Levittown. One of her favorite duties as a veterinary technician is performing blood draws. She also enjoys running in-house lab work for our patients.

Outside of work, her hobbies include gardening, reading and crocheting. Lisa is married, has one son and is proudly owned by four cats. Smokey, Maurice, Lapis and Summer are all rescues. Lisa admits her greatest weakness was homeless kittens in need. She had fostered countless kittens in her career. She domesticated them and helped place them in good homes.

Veterinary Technician KatieKatie works as a veterinary technician at the hospital. She began her employment with the Animals' Hospital of Levittown in April 2006. Katie recently graduated from school earning a degree in ultrasound technology. Katie's high energy is a great staff motivator that keeps us moving. She is always quick with a smile and is fantastic at client education. Katie is an invaluable member of our team.



Tammy was one of Dr. Kearse's first employees when he founded the hospital. She started her career with the Animals' Hospital as a registered veterinary technician in 1991. Tammy continues to help improve the hospital with her insight and wisdom in the field. She has a special affinity for kittens and bulldogs and brings her love of animals to everything that she does. Although she is part time, Tammy is an integral part of our team!

Veterinary Technician VeronicaVeronica started her career here at the Animals' Hospital of Levittown in April 2007 as a receptionist. A veterinary technician position was offered to her in May 2010. She has been working in the veterinary field for eight years now. You will mostly see Veronica assisting doctors in the exam rooms and helping your pets. She currently leads our client education department coordinating materials to provide insight to your pets' health and well-being. Outside of work, Veronica spends her time with her dog, Roscoe, and cat named Libby.  


Veterinary Receptionist DebbieYou will find Debbie greeting you as you enter the hospital almost every morning. Debbie works as a receptionist and has been with the hospital since June 2006. She has the unique ability to find all of the small details that most would over look and the ability to memorize clients with ease. Her vast memory makes her a friend to everyone and she is sure to remember you and your pet! During her down time at home, Debbie loves spending time with her 10 kittens. She has a passion for being around animals and spending time with her family here at the hospital. 

Veterinary Receptionist DawnDawn has been with the hospital since September 2005. She will always do her best to ensure that every client and patient that comes into the hospital leaves happy. She may steal your puppy or kitten for thousands of hugs and kisses; but her love for animals makes her that much better at what she does.



Veterinary Receptionist Jackie KaufmanAlthough Jackie is new to the veterinary world, she has always loved and cared for numerous animals. Being part of such a dedicated team that shares similar compassion is rewarding to her. She is excited to play a large role in our social media. Jackie is proud to be the rescue liaison helping local rescues and our communities fulfill the mission of helping provide happy, healthy pets. Her home consists of two large dogs and three parrots. She enjoys spoiling her neighbor's horse and goats.