Health CheckVeterinarians recommend blood work for your pet for many reasons. Sometimes we recommend blood work when your pet is sick to help us determine why your pet is sick, how best to treat them or whether more diagnostic tests are needed. However, sometimes we recommend blood work when your pet is seemingly healthy at their yearly wellness exam or before a surgical procedure.

Why is this? Yearly blood work is a vital tool for preventative health care. Routine blood work can help us diagnose illness in your pet before they even start showing signs at home. This could mean an early cure for your pet, but even in illnesses we can't cure early detection is important. It can help us make changes for your pet that could slow the progression or decrease the severity of diseases. These changes may be a simple as a diet change or increasing the frequency of their routine exams.

Additionally, since illness can start before your pet shows signs it is vital that blood work is done prior to any surgical procedure and some sedation procedures. This helps us determine if it's safe for your pet to go under anesthesia. It can also help us customize the anesthetic plan for your pets specific needs.

At The Animals Hospital of Levittown, we offer diagnostic health care (DHC) blood work packages which include an organ function screen (serum chemistry), a complete blood cell count (CBC), a heartworm/lyme test for dogs (4DX), a fecal exam for intestinal parasites, and an in-house urine screening test. In senior pets, the package also includes a thyroid test.

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