Heartworm disease is transferred to your pet by the mosquito. The mosquito transfers the worm larvae from an infected dog to your pet. The larvae then develop into worms that live in your pet’s heart and vessels. The veterinary staff of The Animals’ Hospital of Levittown recommends giving your pet heartworm prevention on a monthly basis, year round.

Your puppy will receive a free dose of Interceptor at your first visit to our hospital. This is a great way to prevent heartworm disease in your pet. However, if your pet misses a dose please contact our office to schedule a heartworm check prior to administering the next dose. Products found in the heartworm prevention medication can have a negative impact on your puppy if it is found to be heartworm positive.

Lyme disease

Approximately 10% of our patients test positive for Lyme disease. Lyme disease is transferred by the deer tick and the area where we reside happens to be an area that is heavily populated by the deer tick. Did you know that Lyme disease can be found in every U.S. state, and dogs are 50% more likely to get Lyme disease than are humans? There are two ways to protect your puppy from Lyme disease.

The first is to administer a prevention product called Frontline. Frontline is a liquid spot treatment that is applied once a month. This product not only protects your pet from ticks, but it also prevents fleas.

The second is a prevention vaccination called the Lyme vaccine. The Lyme vaccine is a two-series vaccine, which means that we need to administer the vaccine and then give a booster three weeks later. After we boost the vaccine it will need to be administered once a year. Our veterinary staff highly recommends the Lyme vaccine for pets that reside in this area due to the high population of deer ticks.